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My services are primarily provided via email correspondence and phone appointments, and the fastest way for me to prepare your return is by receiving an email from you with the following information. Please click the link to download my comprehensive spreadsheet which you can fill in for me to prepare your return. If you want a more basic list, you can also click here (notepad list). The spreadsheet has multiple tabs for basic employment return, investment income, rental properties, capital gains tax and sole trader activity (please only fill out the sole trader section if you do not have an accounting system in place for your business such as Xero).



I have compiled a number of excel spreadsheets in different formats which can be used to record your business income and expenses, on a monthly or quarterly basis. This can be used in conjunction with BAS compliance or as an annual reconciliation for your tax. It is important to maintain business records regularly so you don't miss any items. A good way to start is to export your business bank accounts and credit transactions to excel. 


If you are using a car for work-related purposes and/or if you work from home, you may be able to claim work-related deductions, but you need to maintain a diary and/or logbook.


If we have set up a new company for you, please download this guide to know what the next steps are and your obligations as a company director. Download the PDF here.